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Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
I'm a bit older, but still enjoy music with a full sound. factory sub is garbage so I installed a Premier Championship series 10" in a slim box and its sound is nothing short os insanity in an open cabin vehicle. Closed trunk...maybe not, but again I'm not looking to let neighbors know I have a sub.
I HIGHLY enjoy this set-up but out of sight would be incredibly useful too but not worth it to me to spend serious cash to do this as I can make due currently... I was just curious as if I see a BSW sub on ebay then I would have picked it up, but I will just stick with my current set-up. thanks for input guys.
I love that the JL is out of site because I can throw all of the kids soccer gear in back without interference of the speaker/sub. Honestly if I did not have the JL sub I would go for the BSW sub just to fill out the sound. Yes the factory sub is garbage. Last month BSW had a killer clearance price on the E53 sub.
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