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Originally Posted by Plattus1000 View Post
He just called me back to tell me that carfax can be wrong sometimes. I reminded him about the light on the 4.4 instrument cluster. "that's how we bought the car"
It could be true, maybe isn't true. If there's too many things that don't add up, most likely the engine isn't a 4.6 and it might have other similar issues. Dealer could be in on it/ maybe that's how they got it. Some places are honest and say you can scan it and will also let you bring someone to look at it. The thing here is some people buy BMW's and don't know jack about them besides the three letters of the brand. Heck some don't even know what BMW stands for. They don't know how to maintain them/fix them and then complain and say it's a POS. They just buy them for the brand.

Is it going to bring them problems? Who knows. Maybe the engine is good and the only issues would be the mileage and different engine. When I first got my E53, I got it because I was familiar with the M54 as a brother of mine used to own a 530i a while back. The engine was really reliable and repairs were doable with the right tools. I would hope if you buy a BMW please have some knowledge and at least do some research before you buy one. I'm not familiar with their V8's and don't have the tools/experience to fix the timing issues, which is my I steer away from them. I'll stick to what I know. Just my 2 cents. Not trying to offend anybody here, also not directed to anybody. Just my opinion.
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