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Mk4 4-1/12 OS, no old Nav disc, am I in catch 22

Long story short, the car I bought had a water damaged Nav drive, completely fried, and it had no Nav disc in it.
The used drive I bought of eBay to replace it is on the original 2003 v21 OS, 4-1/12, so no dual layer support. All the High Nav discs I can find for sale on eBay seem to be the later split DVD-DL, no really early discs that are marked high.

All the update directions indicate start with the Nav up and running and finish by reinserting the Nav disc, is this a Catch 22?

One where I won't be able to do the v32 update with a cd, because I can't get into the Nav section with out buying an old enough Nav disc (2005?) that the drive can read it to even start the process?

Would it be possible that can I do v32 standalone, i.e. that I don't have to be actually in Nav at the beginning and the end, so I can save and later buy genuine 2015 discs in a pay period or two and be ready to go?

Or can I do v32 without a Nav disc at the beginning, but it has to finish with a Nav disc (i.e., once 32 upgrades the drive to DL, the newer discs would work fine?)?

Any guidance appreciated.
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