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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
If you mean the small hole below the intake tube going to the engine it is for the line to the secondary air pump. Do you have the Dinan intake tube, MAF, throttle body and engine software?
Nope, just the CAI box and a Volant brand air filter installed (dry filter).
Do ypu have a pic of the small air line and where it goes? I am not sure where the secondary air pump is on the N62.

looked into the software but it would overwrite my existing custom software and those pesky Dinan e53 parts are hard to come by too.
I have debated even selling the Dinan CAI and re-installing the factory airbox. I feel like having the Dinan CAI without anything else is almost a waste...except for the soun I get. the Dinan air filter made the x5 sound like a BEAST. This Volant air filter makes it sound louder than factory air box, yet quieter than a cone style filter.
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