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Originally Posted by mtthmpsn View Post
I assume you mean the JL Sub "Stealthbox" for E53's and not a 10" JL Subwoofer with eBay box from the UK in the original post? At $600 for the Stealthbox, I was hoping for a cheaper option that didn't sacrifice the panel (e.g., $100+50 for shipping the UK box + $100-150 low profile 10" subwoofer).
Yes I am referring to JLs stealthbox. I picked up mine for $325. Yes the regular MSRP is pricey but a perfect fit and large enough subwoofer. I like a system that blends in with the surroundings of the X5 environment. If I were to cut a hole I would do as Crystalworks did on his application. A factory like integration
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