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Tonight I finished disassembly and diagnosis with a friend. We started by removing the fuel injectors using a tool he made up out of a simple piece of 1"x5"x1/4" steel. He also created a custom nut, tapped with the same M12x1.5 thread the fuel injectors use. The injectors came out quickly and easily using this tool.

Removing the cylinder head was straightforward. BMW has designed it in such a way that the entire assembly can be kept together when removing the head. One bolt was obscured by the servomotor gear, but there is a 4mm hex keyhole that you can use to rotate the gear out of the way. Additionally you need to remove the oiler tube to fit your T60 tool into the space.

Once the oil pan came off, the fun began. I found a thin layer of sludge at the bottom of the oil pan, but not enough to cause the engine to die. The oil pump and oil baffle looked healthy.

I began by removing connecting rod bolts and pistons one at a time. The 6th connecting rod cap was stuck! Turns out, this engine spun a connecting rod. Once the 6th piston/rod assembly was removed, the engine turned over freely again.

The crank got really hot on that connecting rod and will need to be welded and ground. I'll need a new connecting rod, too. My next step is to tally up all the components I need and get an approximate price to repair this engine. I'll compare that with the cost of buying a used long block.
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