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Originally Posted by Jab555 View Post
Hello Xoutpost,

I have a 2003 x5 4.6is with 160k miles and it just recently developed this loud ticking/knocking noise. I just wanted more opinions on what it is but i am pretty certain it is the rod bearings...

-car ran and sounded very smooth about a week ago. only noticed a knock at initial cold start up then it would immediately go away
-been driving the car about 4 days a week ~20 miles each day
-car knock started to stay when driving the car and has been getting worse
-checked oil level and it was low 2 quarts so I added oil hoping the noise was the hydraulic lifter tick. the noise persisted after adding oil
-Decided to do an oil change and found gold/copper colored shavings in the oil filter and housing (this to me seems pretty obvious that it is from the rod bearings)(oil used was castrol 10w30 fully synthetic)

This may be a pointless thread but i'd rather get more verification before i start tearing into the motor.

here is a video to help give you an idea:

at 00:49 seconds the tick goes away for a couple seconds
also at 01:33 the tick goes away when i rev the motor

Thanks in advance!


It may not be a Rod knock. But why was it 2 quarts of oil low to begin with? Thats alot of oil off the mark. I would imagine that if it was a rod knock that you would see some drop off in oil pressure or some oil warning light come on in the vehicle. Maybe its the timing chain up front. In any case you are going to have to rip down the front of the engine and see what you have.
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