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Originally Posted by stabmasterflex View Post
Maybe a timing chain tensioner? No fault codes with this noise? I've seen where an oil gallery was plugged and oil to that bank was restricted causing that kind of noise. This also caused a fault code.
Originally Posted by electricalserv x5 View Post
I know those engines, they are great when they are running right, but suck when You have problems, be prepared to spend a lot of $$$$$$, or better off get rid of it, I hate to say that but.....
No codes, oil pressure light or anything. Just made sure spark plugs were tight as well and they are good... Damn that would've been nice haha. Going to drop the pan next and I will let you know what I find.

I don't mind doing the work myself because it's a 3rd car but if it's a rod bearing it will basically be a brand new engine so I guess I'll decide from there...
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