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Good day,

What you have here is the reversing rail (that U shaped rail) has lost all it's plastic and the chain is either working thru or has slid off the rail and rubbing the front timing chain cover... Thus, the tensioner is at it's limit with the increase in travel path... This happened to me to my 98 540i... Here are some pictures of that repair I did back then...

This is where it should sit (Obviously the one part in the other)...

This is where yours is, or worse... Mine was here... And I couldn't fix mine right away... So, I made a temporary fix to put more tension on the chain... I moved the body of the tensioner in towards the motor more by putting a washer in the bottom of the cup that seal everything...

This is what my reversing rail looked like...

And the almost finished project...

Okay, keep in mind that your M62 is newer than my 98 version... Your parts might be different... You have single VANOS and the timing job is a bit more intense... I have those tools if you need them... I had to rebuild my entire motor in the 2001 E39 in the signature block... But that rebuild was for a totally different reason... PO abuse!!

Cheers for now!!
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