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Originally Posted by 4b1z View Post
The pressure measured at 105 psi on the low side but of course the clutch is not engaging on the compressor. I checked for voltage at the compressor and it is getting the usual intermittent 13 volts or so. Going to purchase a replacement clutch off ebay for $55 and hopefully I wont have to swap the compressor out.

Thanks for the DYI vid richardb, I watched all of the ones I could find before changing my Aux fan. One thing that was not very clear in any I watched was how to pull out the left and right side of the bumper cover. I ended up figuring out to just pull it straight out from the sides first. I still ended up snapping one of the guides but it went back on fine.
I actually split this DIY into two parts, here's the first part showing the bumper removal:
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