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Originally Posted by blue dragon View Post
You would flash the main modules like
EGS - tranny
DDE/DME - Main ECU with DCAN cable?

I know I would not
Chinese cloned ICOM A + B + C is less than $300. One of those modules will cost you more than that if it gets bricked
Your ICOM A is a DCAN bus OBD plug with some other fancy connectors and a FAN etc but this is still a DCAN OBD plug.

500, 300, let's not argue, you got shipping, import duty, the 500 figure is an average. You may pay less, you may pay more.
At the end of the day this is still a chinese clone, some are good, some are bad. Myself I bought an OEM one back in 2012 which I still use today. Cost me 3000.

Yes I flash cars for a living, I flash airbag modules over OBD only too, no need to get the ICOM and fibre optic interface out for this. The ICOM would not use the fibre optic to flash this anyway.

As I said, not a single failure ever using my high quality OBD plug.
Important steps before flashing are to run a diag first, make sure there is no MOST and CAN bus errors, take out CD/DVD etc.
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