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Update #3

I appreciate all the input from everyone. I finally got some time to pull off the front timing covers and this is what I found.

-only one noticeable chip that fell off the u-shaped timing guide (side of the plastic guide seen in pictures)
-the plastic part of the guides were almost completely separated from the metal part of the timing guide but still in the correct location
-the lower timing cover was completely chewed up from the chain but I couldn't even get the timing chain into a position where it would do this unless the chain was very loose and drooped below the plastic guide walls.

One thing to note that is probably very important is that when i set the car to TDC and put the flywheel lock pin in I recall noticing that the passenger side camshafts did not seem to allign. The intake side camshaft looked off by about 20 degrees from the exhaust camshaft (the flat on this camshaft was aligned at the correct angle.) The driver side camshafts were aligned correctly. So possible one camshaft sproket has jumped? Or maybe the vanos was stuck advanced?

Thanks for looking! Here are the pictures:

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