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Originally Posted by ArmyX5 View Post
I made the mistake of pressing on the outer ring, see picture. I know common sense, but it happen.
Ughhhhh. Wish I saw your post before I pressed on the hub flange. It was loose and I couldn't put the sensor on as the bearing moved too far back.

Ended up seeing your post trying to figure out why the hub was so loose. Removed the flange which destroyed the new bearing. Removed the bearing and pressed in a new one, then used your tip to press only using the inner part of the bearing and it worked like a charm.

I had the same symptoms as the OP. Right curves made the vibration disappear.

Did a test drive and all is smooth. I had bought two bearings just in case it was the left one, but I am good still. First time doing a wheel bearing. What a bear on these X5's.

2004 Gray/Gray 3.0 X5
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