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Originally Posted by upallnight View Post
If you had mentioned that when you replaced the spark plug with a new spark plug that the spark plug hole was filled with oil, someone would have pointed out to you that the oil in the spark plug tube is a known source for an engine to misfire.
I'm well aware of this. Perhaps I should clarify the steps I took.
When the misfire became apparent, I went ahead and ordered a new coil as I was fairly confident this would be the issue but was too busy at the time to look at it.

When I finally had the spare time to change the coil, I removed the covers only to find oil in the plug wells. It was then I realised the valve cover gaskets were leaking
So I replaced them, along with 8 new spark plugs, having sucked the oil out and cleaned the wells, of course. I also installed the replacement coil.
After a full day's labour, the misfire still persisted on cyl 7.
Now I'm sure you can appreciate my frustration as logically it should have fixed the problem.

So the issue turned out to be the above, along with the CCV. For some bizarre reason, the new coil wouldn't fire (despite having power to it) until I replaced the CCV.
Or perhaps it was more likely the fuel shut off to the injector.. Who knows..

Glad the X5 is out of the way. I now have to sort out the intermittent jake brake on my Signature Cummins. Out comes the multimeter again...Yay..
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