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Update 8/26/16

Finally resolved issue with ECS Tuning and they admitted their mistake and accepted their springs back while I got Suplex 06204 (OEM identical) at the meantime.

Did some research on Suplex and they're made in Germany and excellent quality. Suplex on right and ECS Tuning BMW spring on left with the finger pointing to issue of narrow top which would't fit spring pad:

uploading pictures

Suplex perfect fit both both pads:

image upload no compression

It took some work but I didn't have to compress spring which woudl be very difficult due to limited room. I was just able to push the whole arm down enough to slip the spring in:

image upload no compression

Spring pad seated and shock mount installed:

image upload no compression

Bilstein shock and 2 arms installed:

image upload no compression

All installed. No traces of air suspension. I have extra room under the tire (air compressor gone) now and I'll fabricate nice custom trunk fllor support over the spare tire since air compressor had that function:

image upload no compression

Things to do:
Install wheels, move car back and forth, bounce suspension and then fully tighten 2 control arms nuts and shock nut on each side.
Install trunk trim.
2003 BMW X5 4.6is
Supersprint Magnum Exhaust * 88C thermostat * Spal electric fan (fan clutch delete) * Bilstein HD struts and shocks with rear Suplex coil springs (air suspension delete) * OEM style 177 wheels
2003 BMW M5
1997 BMW 528i/A

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