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Unless the e70 fuse diagrams are totally different than other BMW should be able to use the diagram to figure this out.

Every BMW fuse diagram I've seen...will list the fuses in alphabetical order with their fuse location within the fuse box. Then there's usually an illustration of the fuse box that is "numbered" and will also list the fuse's amperage.

If you pulled fuses 11-20...then look at your fuse diagram that shows the fuse number location...then insert the proper color (and amperage) fuse in the correct fuse number. If there are empty will either be because you don't have the option that the fuse location is for...or it's supposed to be empty which will be indicated by a slash/dash or no info for that location.

EXAMPLE: in the pic below of the e53 X5's rear fuse location...even if you couldn't see the actual could tell what fuse and it's amperage goes into each location by following the diagram. The fuse location on the far left is fuse #72...and the fuse on the far right is fuse #87...and fuse #76 (which is the 5th fuse from the left) should be empty. You can see in the illustration of the fuse box...what the fuse's amperage is supposed to you can't really go wrong if you follow the fuse index/diagram:

EDIT: I just googled for a BMW e70 fuse index and found the image below. Is this how your diagram looks?

If yes, then fuse #11-#20 (based on the illustration for the front passenger area) are 2 columns of fuses on the far left. Fuse #11-#15 are the 1st column and fuse #16-#20 is in the 2nd column. If you look at the upper illustration that gives/shows the fuse number location/fuse amperage rating for the aforementioned should be able to easily figure out what fuse (by color & amperage) goes into each of the fuse locations for #11-#20. Fuses that are the same amperage are also the same color:

Hopefully some e70 X5 owners will chime in to verify my comments since I'm working blind (I own an e53 X5....not an e70).
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