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Detailing Discussions.......

OT, as I just went back to the detailing forums after a 5-6 year exodus.....

Where did all the pros go. Seems like either all the old school in-depth discussion guys have grown up, changed careers or it simply looks like there has been a mass exodus . Or maybe there is some unknown forum where all these pros and no joes hang their hat ;-)
Autopia was home for a long time.
I moved over to AGO when 3D bought Autopia and the forum was sch1tz.
Dabbled a bit in DB and L2D

Granted, I think to a certain degree, the availability / products out there make it somewhat easier for the weekend warrior, so maybe they feel like it's taking business away...

Who knows. I suppose only one can speculate.
Gone seems to be the in depth discussions and it's aways about the FOTM.
Flavor of the month..
It's all good I suppose. We all like our rides clean and shiny

The constant evolvement of products out there has changed my detailing if not upkeep regimen for sure.
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