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Originally Posted by jsoto View Post
Detailing is like AA. Need to stay away from it.
Once I get this roofing project dealt with, maybe I'll find an excuse to squeeze in a iBrid before the end of the year ;-/

That's what happens.....u buy 1 thing, and next thing you know, it all goes downhill. There is 1 constant in my regimine. Wash media. Everything else, while to a certain level, it is FOTM, many products have constantly changed both how I maintain and ~dress~ the vehicles. I already have the MTM lance....just ordered that new one Phil sells.

Hey josto, seeing as you're already here and it looks like you have a a lot of detailing experience, I wanna ask you a quick question. I have little to no knowledge in exterior detailing, all I know is a little about buff, polish, and wet sand. Other than that zero. I really want a mirror shine in mine, the paint looks kind of "hazy" and overall just not nice and glossy. Any idea of how I can achieve that, like what steps should I do, clay bar, buff compound, etc. please excuse my stupidity if I made a mistake or its just a real stupid question lol, thanks.

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