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Hi Everyone, new to the forum here (X5 3.0d, 2006). I have not had the car long (upgrade from E36 320i) - and have been pondering why the sound coming from the stereo in the X5 was so rubbish. None of the speakers on the left hand side, or rear of the car work. Just horrible sound, like you would expect from a 1978 Datsun 1800 AM radio...

So got to researching (this site and the X5 FB page) and it sounds like this is a common problem in these cars - knackered BM53 and BM54 units. More research led me to believe the world guru at fixing these things is a bloke called Baris, in the UK.

I am not inclined to send my unit to the UK, when I am certain someone local in AUS can effect a similar repair. I see from this thread there is a guy in East Brighton (VIC) - and also some comments about a Sydney based guy also. My question to you all - have any of you had this repair carried out locally, and how did it go? If success and you are happy - that's great - maybe you can point me in the right direction of someone who can assist.
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