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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
The discussion about these bolts never makes sense in my pea brain. It always stems from they cost to much and from there it goes to all the guesses as to what the plate is for and why it is OK to use the bolts again and usually includes something about a BMW ripoff. I have never seen a post by someone that actually knows for sure why BMW states not to reuse the nut/bolts. That seems to get lost in the shuffle and in the end most reuse the bolts.

I think it is clear the plate is a functional contribution to the integrity of the suspension. I think the plate is part of the handling capability, keeping the suspension from folding under in extreme conditions, contributes to the life of some of the moving suspension parts and contributes to safety in a heavy side impact. I never reuse them just because that makes more sense to me.
, totally - right up to the point where I had to stump up $200 to replace them. So I didn't...
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