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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
Not for me. Swapped mirrors in an E39 and two E53's. Hell, I even added elctrochromatic M5 mirrors to the E39. That was something like 15 yrs ago and I still don't have any troubles.

But I do remember that we had to install the alarm in my wife's '02 E46. It was not included at the factory. Since the alarm, clown nose, and rear view mirror are all pretty much connected- or should be- it is reasonable to consider that an E46 without the Premium Package (which included a dimming mirror) would not have the wires ready to go.

Why or how any of that would translate into blown electrochrome, I haven't the slightest.
Thank you for your reply PropellerHead. I think the problem on the E46 with SOS was the actual SOS buttons were in the lower case of the mirror thus the wiring change. All good, I used my auto dim mirror I took out of my non SOS E46 and tested it on the X5. Works like a champ. Just waiting on the second compass auto dim to arrive and it's going in. Amazing what those E46 guys want for their mirrors, the X5 is the same mirror and sells on eBay for a fraction of what they want. I heard Land Rover uses a similar mirror too and they are even cheaper.
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