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Originally Posted by OptimusPriM5 View Post
Well theyre not $16 theyre now almost $19 retail.

Wait to see price jump when Trump is sworn in, im sure I heard the Trump protestors saying the prices will double on these bolts.
Do you think they will make boys and girls hand over the Euro Wagons in exchange for some nice Detroit steel? I do wonder from time to time what life with an X5 is like in the US, okay I know mine was built there, but... maybe I will start up a thread. Better search it first just to check... hahaha
BMW X5 E53 3.0 Diesel Sport | Sapphire Black Dakota Beige Leather interior | Year 2004

What I had updated
Carbon Effect Steering Wheel
Panoramic Sunroof Fix
PVC Replacement
All glowplugs and glowplug regulator
New discs and pads all round
All new front suspension links, bushes and rods
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