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Originally Posted by StephenVA View Post
Tip and Trick for those who have the REPLACEABLE coil to plug boots. Replace them at 80-100K (OR 10 years) as the resistance will grow until the plug will not fire as the boot resistance exceeds the coil's output. They just twist and pull off. They are nothing but a really short plug wire. Later models have molded boots that do NOT come off. Images below...

The first indication is poor idle and miss fires in high load situations (part throttle hill climbs)

Cheap part but make sure you match up coil brand/manufacture to the boot you are buying. (Bremi/Bosch)

More images BMW E53 X5 M54 3.0L Engine Ignition - ECS Tuning
Not sure what your saying here. Are you saying to replace all 6 COPS?

2004 Gray/Gray 3.0 X5
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