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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
What impedance are those drivers btw? I assume they match the factory drivers to play nice with the factory amp. Do you have DSP?
Impedance? I'll have to look that up. (I know, probably drives you nuts) I am not *certain* that all 4.8's have DSP, but mine does. My previous '04 3.0 and the E39 I've driven for 16 years do as well. I've never turned it on.

That doesn't mean I won't take advice on how to set it. Sh!t sounds great now to me. But if I can spin a few dials and get something I'll notice, have at. I'll fiddle through it.

Impedence- 4 Ohms. Factory is 8. I worried about this for years before I got these. I thought it meant that the 4 Ohms wouldn't work. Well, they do. Buddy who did the deeply technical stuff (ok, he soldered) said that it may make for some heat. I dunno why that is, what it means, or how concerned I should be. But if you (or anyone) has advice ab that, I am happy to think about it for myself with better information than I have rt now. So, if ya got stuff that'll make me smarter, hit me.
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