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Originally Posted by X53Jay4.8is View Post
The impedance on the JLs that I run are 4 ohms as opposed to the 8 ohm O.E. drivers.
It's early, but do you anticipate any troubles? I have since read about 4 vs 8 Ohm- or any x vs x Ohm. One of the things I read said that you could get distortion on loud music. Don't play it loud, so no issue there. Another said that it takes more power to run a 4 Ohm vs 8. This additional power need might drive heat to the amp- in this case, DSP. I am a bit worried ab what this will do after I install the front 4 in the doors.

I have also looked for but not found a dash speaker solution. I am going to head out for the front door install, but I may stop in a shop to see if they the 3" speakers that I found. I'll let you guys know.
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