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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
Have you ever been so happy to get something off the car that you threw it into the *neighbor's* trash? Yeah? Well... That's what I did with those little bastards. It's like three little plastic tabs that have to be pressed at basically the same time to get the mids out. By the time we'd wrestled them out, I didn't think to take a pic. Sorry, mang.

ALL GOOD BROTHER - I won't be tackling those for a while anyway - I'll do the fronts first as I know those are tweeters LOL

Oh, and you crack me up. Don't touch your sub! I ordered the speakers I'm going to futzle with. They should be home when I return. If it works/improves, this could be huge for the folks who want a little more oomph for a lot less $$.
Sounds good I won't touch the sub and I most likely won't be replacing it either LMAO
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