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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
Now see? I didn't think this is how this is supposed to work. I always thought the speaker was simply output. I have thought it would simply produce the signal that is sent to it.
So, if it's true that a coax speaker will produce highs and lows even if it's replacing a simple component mid, that opens up a lot of options for an upgrade.

Clock? Are you sure that it would work? If so, at $35 I might still be convinced to replace the tiny rear tweeters I put into the mids with trimmed down Memphis Audio ones. They sound great now. I can even hear the highs from the rear while I am driving. I think the audiophile calls that imaging, but I dunno. But it's inexpensive to test if it would be better with larger speakers.

Thoughts from the group as well?
It depends on how the stereo is set up. Speakers do just play the "data" input. It's how the data gets TO the speaker that matters and makes a difference.
When you removed the factory midbass, was there a frequency cancellation capacitor soldered onto the speaker? It would be soldered between the connection plug and speaker wire leading to the cone. Probably small black piece. If so it's likely the amp is pushing full sound range to speaker but this capacitor is cancelling out frequencies of unwanted range.
I'm also thinking since there are many wires run from amp to speakers, the amp has a dedicated crossover built in to the amp to do this frequency cancellation even before the signal leaves the amp.
I'd have to see the factory speaker honestly.
Doesn't hurt to try adding a coaxial speaker (they usually have no capacitor, or if they do it's to block low frequencies the speaker just can no reproduce cleanly)

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