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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
If so, at $35 I might still be convinced to replace the tiny rear tweeters I put into the mids with trimmed down Memphis Audio ones. They sound great now. I can even hear the highs from the rear while I am driving. I think the audiophile calls that imaging, but I dunno. But it's inexpensive to test if it would be better with larger speakers.

Thoughts from the group as well?
So with your current set up of tweeters in the rear door mid range spot, I really like that idea of hearing more highs, BUT do you notice a lull or missing frequency range of 200-2,000 hz (realoem specs)?

my 850i had a missing frequency range of the 200-2,000hz until I fixed the foam surrounds of the mids (yes completely easy adn possible without buying new speakers) and its wonderful again. I'd hate to have that frequency range missing, BUT I guess since its just back seats anyhow, and you have the full range of music up front, its more just fill (imaging as you said) anyhow...
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