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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
OK boys I did some digging - Good news!!!

The mystery rear door midranges are 65mm so just about 2.5" - They are the SAME part number whether you have DSP or regular "Hifi" - and they are the SAME speaker used in the rear panel of the E46 coupe - and guess what, those speaker sets are still available from BSW -
good research

Part Cross-reference
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mid-range loudspeaker hifi

From:03/01/1998To:-Weight:0.170 kgPrice:$46.35
Part 65138368237 was found on the following vehicles:
3' E46   (04/1997 07/2005)
5' E60   (12/2001 02/2007)
5' E60 LCI   (11/2005 12/2009)
X5 E53   (10/1998 09/2006)
X5 E70   (05/2006 03/2010)
X5 E70 LCI   (04/2009 06/2013)
X5 F15   (08/2012 11/2016)
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