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Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
It depends on how the stereo is set up. Speakers do just play the "data" input. It's how the data gets TO the speaker that matters and makes a difference.
Maybe since the system is stock up to the speakers, someone here knows how the OE radio and amp are set. I sure as hell don't.
Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
When you removed the factory midbass, was there a frequency cancellation capacitor soldered onto the speaker? It would be soldered between the connection plug and speaker wire leading to the cone. Probably small black piece. If so it's likely the amp is pushing full sound range to speaker but this capacitor is cancelling out frequencies of unwanted range.
I think they did- like the ones in the dash. We did not put it back on when we replaced with tweeters, but we did use it for the dash mids. They sound great.
Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
I'm also thinking since there are many wires run from amp to speakers, the amp has a dedicated crossover built in to the amp to do this frequency cancellation even before the signal leaves the amp.
Yes. I have heard that the DSP amp has a crossover and that there is no need to use the ones that come with some component sets. I think that was Jay who said that.
Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
So with your current set up of tweeters in the rear door mid range spot, I really like that idea of hearing more highs, BUT do you notice a lull or missing frequency range of 200-2,000 hz (realoem specs)?
I have no freakin idea what this would sound like. Sorry.
Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
my 850i had a missing frequency range of the 200-2,000hz until I fixed the foam surrounds of the mids (yes completely easy adn possible without buying new speakers) and its wonderful again. I'd hate to have that frequency range missing, BUT I guess since its just back seats anyhow, and you have the full range of music up front, its more just fill (imaging as you said) anyhow...
Woohoo!! I am getting pretty good at this! I even looked at a Grom(?) thing. I have Bluetooth, but it's not terribly loud. I (now) like the idea of HDRadio. And it would be cool to navigate my streaming audio from the steering wheel.

We'll see how the next proactive stop in to the mechanic goes. Next month is 6 years for this X5! I'm getting close to having it longer than the 3.0!
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