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SOLD! For Sale: 2001 X5 4.4 Sport 160,200 miles. Well sorted $4200

Decided to let my X5 go as I had a chance to pick up a used Tesla and just couldn't pass that chance by. Titanium Silver. 160K. Sport (staggered 19" wheels). Drivers seat is a little sad. That would be the next thing to replace (or get a cover for) if I was keeping it.

Video here -
Photos below.

Has one newish remote key and one original non-remote key

Price reduced to $4200.

Has a genuine BMW trailer hitch with all the proper reinforcements and wiring.

Has the rare "cold weather" CCV hose heater kit installed.

Has Euro-spec "aspherical" side view mirrors (both sides) with the wide angle outer section to reduce blind spot problems.

Has a smattering of small dings and scratches. I've tried to keep them protected with touchup paint to prevent rust.

I bought it 3-4 years ago knowing it had deferred maintenance and did my best to get it all sorted it out. All of this has been replaced in the last 3 years - sit down, as it is quite some list:

Timing chains
timing guides
all chain tensioners
oil pump
VANOS sprockets
VANOS solenoids
Main pulley/dampener
Main front seal
rear main seal
upper and lower oil pan gaskets

Radiator, all radiator hoses, all heater hoses, all vacuum hoses
all CCV hoses, CCV, CCV metal drain tubes
cross over pipes + seals
valley pan
water pump
thermostat + housing
Aux water pump
heater valve
expansion tank

All power steering hoses
power steering pump
Steering rack (rebuild by Rack Doctor)
new steering double joint.

ABS/DSC module replaced with new Bosch unit.
Fairly new "red stuff" pads.
New rotors all around.
Front calipers have been POR-15 coated in silver. Look nice. Never did the rears...

Alternator is newish (rebuilt Bosch installed by previous owner)

Starter (original failed on me, not PM).

Aux air blower (rebuilt) and new vacuum operated air valve on the EGR system and new cross over pipe.

All 4 O2 sensors

Plugs and coils

AC condenser
expansion valve
IHKA control panel missing buttons replaced

Full front and rear suspension including rear air bags (air springs), front struts, rear shocks, ball joints, rear sub-frame bushings.

Cobra Transmission front driveshaft with extra long splines.
Tranny had the fluid drained and refilled twice, with a new filter each time. Refilled with Pentosin ATF1 fluid both times.
New Transmission selector switch

Transfer case was rebuilt with a new chain and new input and output seals.
Output seals on transmission were replaced at the same time.
Front and rear Guibo's replaced at the same time.

New rear tires and alignment in the last 500 miles. Front tires are still looking good.
Kumho Ecsta 19" staggered's.

Main cluster and radio were sent out for pixel repair

Interior bulbs upgraded to LED

Front and rear wiper arms upgraded to E70 style

Headlights polished, new aftermarket taillights (not LED)

New mirror/window module / switch panel on drivers door - power fold mirrors work, but can be touchy, I try to leave them alone...

I think all four window clips and window regulators have been replaced. At least three for sure.

Rola rack cross-bars

New floor mat set (front and rear)
2001 X5 4.4i Sport
SOLD! at 160k miles

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