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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
Hey Mike - I am going to pop out one of my rear mid-range speakers and compare dimensions or get a "donor speaker" from Ebay for $20 to hack apart and play with -

Here is an example of one that might work, just have to check the dimensions of the stock driver so it fits in the little "receptacle" properly -

Peerless by Tymphany NE65W-04 2" Full Range Woofer

EDIT: Stay tuned, I just bought a $15 rear midrange speaker on Ebay in order to get proper specs and dimensions of the driver so we can find proper replacements for that location - yes what Prop did is fine using Tweeters in that spot but would like to give true midrange dimensions -
Yes I to will be waiting to find out the results of the peerles 2 inch midrange application. RB look forward to hearing your results on this one since this is the direction I am planning to go to upgrade the midrange driver in the rear doors.
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