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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
^have had that solder gun myself for a few years now.

SemcoMike (since there are 2 Mikes in here) - excellent pics of the JL install! I am debating whether to do quick connects or solder small lengths of speaker wire on the woofers myself.

So on the tweeters you just glued them in place in the factory foam mount and did not need to reuse the plastic mount correct? Should eliminate a potential source of rattles.

Also, very interesting that the woofers were 2ohm. Wonder if the rear woofers are also 2ohm? If so, our theories are out the window as we were assuming we were doubling impedance on 10 speakers and we may only be doing that on 6, and yet halving the impedance on 4 so the amp should not be taxed much more at all. And since these drivers are more efficient no worries there.

I'll get the rear midrange sizes up for you shortly with a few pics.
Hi RB,

After the fact, I like the idea of using the supplied slide on connectors on the speaker terminals and a short length of wire soldered to the more robust factory mount housing.

Yes, correct, I just glued the JL tweeters into the foam and eliminated the complete factory mounting frame and factory tweeter assembly. I did use one of the supplied JL housings for the JL tweeter to fit into and fit more snugly into the foam. You can see that I used the housing with the flared edge.

And yes, the factory tweeters are 8 ohm so the JLs take that pair to 4ohm.


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