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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
Well... They work.. I think the rattle is from the fact that the sub enclosure isn't installed. Unsure what I think ab this for now.
I'm still not confident that the rattle will go away, but today was the day to break in the new soldering iron. I haven't soldered alone in a couple decades, and I'd never done it even once before that. So, I am anxious to let the gobs of silicon set in over the generous application of foam weather stripping. I *know* it looks like ass, but I've never been particularly passionate about clean silicon, either. Besides, this whole exercise is more about function than form. If this works as sounds OK, I'll send it to someone to test here for the cost of shipping. If that works out ok, I'll ask to recover the ~$50 in cost of speakers and their OEM sub and I'll do it again- for someone else. Maybe at some point, I'll get better at silicon.

GOBS o' silicon!

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