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OK, so here is my approach to the running the dreadful Fakra wiring harness (and a couple other cables) from the rear of the E53 near the battery up to the dash for Factory NAV equipped vehicles.

I started here doing a test boot up of the GA6166:

Here is the Eonon supplied Canbus box and the antenna connection

The driver side panel was where I chose to pull my cables

Using a wire hanger as a fish line I pulled the cables into the main cabin at the driver side rear seat

I routed the cables around the front of the rear seat where existing factory wiring lies

Here comes the tricky part. I decided to run the cables up under the carpet and in under the console and from there up to the center of the dash where the HU lives. Crystalworks has an awesome DIY on how he tore apart his interior for an AVIN install and I used that as my guide on how to unmount the console enough to lift it (and support it by 2x4s) to do my cable pull. BTW, this is the same area that I used to run my Dice Mediabridge unit's cable for it to live in the console cubby. Here is crystal works DIY

In the above, you can see the slits I made in the carpet (under the console and out of sight) previously for the Dice and I needed to widen them a little to get the Eonon Fakra and antenna cable as well as my sub cable and rear camera cable.

The below pic shows the piece of frame under the console through which I ran my cables

Here is where I see the carpet opening where I can grab my cables from the console cubby box and route them. The carpet slits are visible at the bottom of the cubby box.

These are the cables that I pulled for my install. I chose to wrap the fakra harness with its antenna wire to make it easier to pull through the tight spaces and it helped me not get caught on anything.

The rear carpet was extremely heavy and unmanageable to lift and move. It has a rubber reinforcing and I ended up using a 2x4 block to support it while I used my hand to route the cable up through my carpet hole. I was very careful with my slitting of carpet because there is a wire bundle under that area and there is some foam that I needed to dig out to make an access hole big enough for the Fakra cable to pass through.

Here is my success in getting the cables up through the carpet to begin their way forward.

Here is my finished access point in the carpet under the console

I was happy with this finished result.

I put my USB plugs in the ash tray

With the removal of the console retaining phillips screws (thankfully identified by crystal works in his DIY) I placed my cable BEHIND the mounting tabs so they run in the inner side of the console

The cables take a little bit of work to massage into a nice way to lay for the unit to fit in the dash. I used the two top T10 screws to retain the unit.

I placed the hotspot antenna just below the unit in the center of the dash I believe on top of the box that holds the switch panel for PDC, rear hatch release, etc.

I placed the GPS antenna just slightly to the right side on top of the big tubular frame. I mounted it with 3M two faced foam tape because I felt the magnet could slip under a hard braking scenario. GPS signal in my garage was good going through my frame garage ceiling and roof and the plastic dash materials.

PS: 15' of RCA subwoofer cable is not enough and I came up a little short to reach my amp mounted on the driver side wall of the spare tire well. So, if you have a sub amp in the back, maybe consider 18'-20'

The supplied camera cable was plenty adequate, whatever length that was.


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