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Originally Posted by X53Jay4.8is View Post
Prop forget the Android head unit and just all out with the NBT retrofit. it would be stellar in the X5.
Would you believe that I would design an entire car around the cup holders in an E53? I would miss them more than I would like the iDrive controller (yes, even the touch one).

I know, I know. I thought this was silly when I was banging my 2002 around country roads (most likely cause I was looking for places to.. you know... bang). I STILL thought it was silly that everybody complained about the cupholders in my '00 E39 with a 6 speed manual. But then I started driving an E53. I could take a beverage WITH me! I could cubby things like keys, glasses, and all nature of crap in them! I've been so smitten that I actually replaced the cupholders in this X5 less than a month ago. And so, not unlike a set of new speakers, my preferences have changed.

Besides, I have been screwing around with Android 7.1.1 on the Google Pixel. I just installed a non-published app from Google called Voice Access. It's really designed for folks with limited mobility, but it is a VERY cool way to interact with the phone. I can't WAIT to try this on an Android radio!

So far, I have been able to assign widgets linked to 'scenes' in the app. I have created a number of scenes that provide security, lighting, and gate access in my home. One that I use at least twice a day works like this when I activate it:

"Ok Google. Activate Voice Access" (I don't think she talks back, though she can confirm if you want)
"Run Arriving Home" (thats the name of the widget that I put on the home screen)

So, without picking up my phone or even unlocking it, the command recognizes the name of the widget, 'presses' the widget icon and activates the scene I created in
  • The alarm deactivates/disarms.
  • The gate opens.
  • If the heat is on, it warms the house through two Tstats.
  • If the AC is on the house starts to cool down. (This is GREAT when you are rushing home to um.. hit the head.
and if it's after sundown...
  • The front porch light comes on @ ~50% dim. (the front under eave lights are already on after sunset)
  • Outside lights under the eaves on the side, and rear of the house dim on as well.
  • Outside garage lights turn on full bright (I just converted to LED fluorescent)
I don't like surprises. I REALLY don't like them for my wife and daughter when I travel. The place lights up well enough for me to be secure that any of us can see anything on the way up the drive, around the house, and even in the backyard once we're inside. And cool poops. Can't forget those.

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