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Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
Great video of Eonon head unit. I thought you talked me out of its quality when you were present the Spotify app and it wouldn't load, but it was actually loaded in back ground. Crappy it wouldn't come to foreground tho and you had to go about getting it another way. Still... Do you have a DSP system?

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Hey Clockwork,

Yeah, that was on of those quirky Eonon things that makes it "not perfect" but for me tolerable at sub $300 :busting up

No, I do not have a factory DSP system BUT, I use a DSP factory sub that I drive with a separate amp that lives on the driver side wall next to the spare tire down in the well.

Now this amp is receiving RCA input from Eonon and benefitting from the separate volume adjustment in the Eonon equalizer app.

I am very happy thus far with my unit for the dough expended, a great value, not perfect, but for me I'm giving it


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