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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
I haven't bought them yet - they just came back in stock on PartsExpress - will get the Memphis mid-ranges installed this weekend hopefully, just been trouble to find the time lately.

I have DSP and so does X54.8Jay and PropHead, but not semcoMike

UPDATE: Those round 2" Peerless/Vifa midranges for the rear doors show as out of stock until 4/24/17 -

In the meantime, a couple mins of dremeling to round off the plastic factory mounting ring should have these fitting in the factory rear door midrange nicely, the price is right and they look like a nice speaker with 85 db sensitivity -

Peerless by Tymphany 830970 2" Full Range Woofer
I ordered a set of the vifa midbass speakers from a speaker vendor on Ebay out of California that has them in stock and similar in price to parts express. They are in transit an d arrive on Monday for me.
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