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Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
why no just remove the current Memphis set you have now and modify them and reinstall?
the factory black mesh/screen covers any/all mistakes no?
You're right Mike its one of those things that drives me nuts LOL

Another one of our members might buy the set cheaply off me for $20 so I don't mind getting another set to work on -

However, I actually might buy those Tang Band midranges that I referenced a couple posts up (just to try, and give people more options) - Looks like Parts Express is in Ohio and it would be really simple to pop the dash grille out, unscrew the Memphis unit that is sitting there and test fit (before dremeling the mount) to see if it lines up well enough in the factory mount enough to take the plunge -

If they won't do the job, 2 screws and 5 mins to reinstall the Memphis unit, and then box them up and send back for refund to Parts-Express -

Just was wondering about the 10W RMS vs. the 15W RMS of the Memphis units before I do so -

EDIT: Mike, I pried up on the side of the grille, there are 2 tabs at the windscreen and 1 in the middle of the grille at the rear - I didn't want to pry at the tabs because the grille is stiff plastic and not flexible so I didn't want to break them - just use a plastic pry tool -
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