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Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
thanks for that!!

and for the price I get your point, thats practically free speakers to play with. And I'm glad you mentioned the idea of ovaling the Memphis speaker screw holes out (towards the speaker itself I assume) and then they fit better... Correct - if you look at the picture of the holes on the Fountek that is about how they should look on the Memphis, although I got mine screwed down just fine, they could have been a bit more "flush", one of the "ears" on the Memphis unit did buckle a bit as I was screwing down into the mount, as the screw was not totally straight/true when reinstalling the new midranges -
I'd assume that modifying the basket with a dremel (no tin snips here) will be easy and professional looking too. That will work, just might be a few mins more time consuming.

OH and 10w will cap out too early/fast. stick with the 15w at least
Will let you know Mike for sure either way, but likely will end up sticking with the Memphis units - so if I send back both sets to Parts Express and sell my first set of Memphis for $20 then I really am only out about $20 at most and got to play around a bit -

Maybe I will like the sound of the Fountek units better than the Memphis, since they are 8ohm and 15w units I will try those out first - and there is a review of them with a guy saying they were excellent in an E46 wagon

I also trust Jay as he had BSW speakers that he was replacing that were 4ohm, but I still get worried about taxing the factory amp too much with converting the whole DSP to 4ohm -

Whereas as I mentioned to semcoinc(Mike #2), theoretically if these 8ohm midranges fit and sound great I could use those and 4 of the Dayton Reference 8ohm woofers, and thus only converting 40% of the speakers (2x Vifa midranges for rear, and 2x JL tweeters for front sails) to a lower impedance - only kicker is that the Dayton woofers are about 7mm less diameter than the JL's so maybe not as easy of a fit -

I'm trying to keep this as minimally labor and parts replacement intensive as possible is all - and to keep the health of my factory amp as long as possible.

Also Prop, forgot to tell you - If the Memphis lookalikes don't work for the E46 midranges, I'm fairly certain one of the pairs I just bought from PartsExpress would work - If you want them I'll cover shipping -
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