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Originally Posted by semcoinc View Post
PS: Aren't there 6.5" Woofers in the E46 rear door?
I know, rt? I was sooo confused when I started looking for them. They're not in the rear doors. Just the rear deck under the 'HK' grills. Very much like the front dash mid grills, they just pry rt up revealing the 6.5" mid/subs.

I did find and order some brackets that supposedly allow us to mount 6.5" speakers in the factory 3 holes. I don't know *really* how necessary they are, but for $8/pr (2pr needed), I figured it was worth it to have them them if it saves a drill or other trimming.

It's freaking beeeYOOtiful outside and I have customer meetings this afternoon. I wonder if they'll be able to tell my head is somewhere else?
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