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Originally Posted by Nito View Post
Yes. I let it run for quite some time because I read that it may take a few minutes to activate. But I never heard the compressor come on. I am suspecting another part is actually the issue. I may not have needed this new compressor at all. I may have to to start replacing those other parts one at a time until it works. There were no codes coming up in OBDII system at all when the bag was completely flat. So I am shooting in the dark. I am trying to avoid going to mechanic at all costs. Just bought the truck and already had to replace the leaking alternator oil bracket gasket that cost $1700! That plus the 2 airbags and now the compressor. I am tapped out.

Do this....
Take a break, close all the doors on the SAV, lock the car and arm it.
Have a coffee or something, when you come back try again.

I wonder if the computer is thinking the car has leveled already and it is not priming the pump again.
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