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Originally Posted by Nito View Post
Bit the bullet and brought to mechanic after discussing the issue. We both suspected some type of computer issue at that point. Since I do not have access to BMW specific diagnostic software (I only have an OBDII reader) it was my only option. Turns out, the system was storing a fault code that was preventing the air suspension from engaging. If anyone is having this issue after installing new parts, it may be worth having it checked out before spending more $$$ on parts you probably don't need.
I am back in business now. I did not need to buy a new compressor. Since it is new, I am choosing to leave it in. I will probably sell the old one to save some other poor schmuck the cost. BMW quoted me over $1200 for a new one! That was not installed - part only. However, you can order one online made by the original manufacturer - AMK - for about $320 shipped. The repairs for both the bags and compressor are fairly easy using these instructions for the bags, and Arnott's video for the compressor. If anyone is in my area of Monmouth County NJ, I would be more than happy to help you out with this process. I am no expert by any stretch, but after banging my head over this system for the past 2 weeks - I know a thing or two!
Thanks again to everyone who helped!

Thanks for the update.
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