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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
Who told you that? I was always under the impression they did Value Line packages together with the popular parts needed to complete the job which brings the individual part cost down -

I bought the Value Line rear brake shoes kit to do my brake overhaul and it came with all hardware, a set of new OE brake shoes and adjusters, etc -

However I am in agreement with you to just buy the OE part not in a BMW box - I found out the OE bearings were F.A.G. brand some years back when I did mine and just bought 2 of them, 2 dust shields from the dealer, 2 circlips (big mothers), and 2 new axle nuts (you can re-use the hubs)
BMW dealership told me a year ago and when I asked my ex BMW dealership indy last week to reconfirm he said the exact same thing. lesser quality parts sold in common repair packages.

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