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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
That kit looks almost like what I used from Harbor Freight on my front bearings - you said there wasn't a big enough cup to press it out though?
I tried to get the HF kit or one like it but no dice - and these suckers are heavy so shipping was out.... This one was available locally and is a decent kit but the largest receiver cup is 91mm O.D. - too small for the front bearing. Not a problem, as I"ll make up a receiver cup to expand the kit when/if I do the front.

I bought the front bearing as I was convinced that it was a failing front bearing making all the noise. Comments from a local indy backed that conclusion. I had some long trips I had to make, so I carried the bearing just in case I had to get a mechanic to fit it while I was out of town. Time (and distance) showed the bad bearing to be a rear, so I bought the above bearing tools and a rear beaing kit and sorted it, knowing the tool needed additional items to be usable on the front.

Re. Figuring out which bearing is bad, these X5s drone like a fleet of WWII bombers when a bearing goes bad and it can be maddening trying to locate the bad bearing. Due to the massive width of the bearings they rarely develop any discernable play until well after they become very noisy, so turn tests and wheel-wiggles don't help much in the early stages.
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