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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
It's supposed to be too cold tomorrow morning to get a head start on the front E46 doors. I will probably at least modify the Memphis units to fit into the current mids.
And cold it was. Until you get into sunlight. So, I took advantage of a nice day to trim up the Memphis mids using the junkyard speaker assembly as a template. That went really easy. When I finally pulled the door panel, I realized that the speaker assemblies from the non-HK '99 323 and my wife's '00 HK were a bit different from one another- and my E53. Same size, of course but my wife's assembly secured the speakers with only two plastic tabs instead of 4 like the X5. It's a little thing, but it does make me wonder if different E53's have different tabs as well.

I prepped the Memphis mids using the junkyard assembly. A snip here and a trim there. It took less time to do the work than it did to get the tools ready.

Anyway, since the driver's panels was off, I wanted to be sure I applied GTMat to it. My hope was to walk away and never see it again like the rears. Of course, that is a pipe dream. The JL C2's are pretty deep. I spent some time being sure they'd mount with the OE brackets, but it's still very close. I will need to pull the panels again and make myself feel better ab it.
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