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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
Rear or front I think you'd be happy with either - but front yes they do seem like a nicer quality speaker thanthe Amazon mids - I think he did Amazon mids in both locations ?
I mixed it up! I bought a single set of Amazon mids thinking I would put tweeters in the E46 rear doors. That didn't last so in went the Amazon's to the rear E46 doors.

Yesterday, I got to install one of the Memphis mids in the front door of the E46. They are a better quality than the Amazon mids. The sound I cannot tell a difference in, but the solder joints, wire thickness, and wire length made them easier to work with.

I will install Memphis mids in the E53 rear doors when I install GTMat. By the way, I still have plenty from the 1st roll for the E46 front passenger door. I may even get an E53 door (or two?) done with what's on this roll.
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