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Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
the key her is you replaced ALL speakers with 4ohm. So somehow the amp is still powering them and thats great, but if you were to mix and match the speakers impedance, then the 4ohm speakers would sound quieter than the 8 ohm, from what I've been reading anyhow.

needless to say I'm sure the 8 ohm Fountek's will be ok for me since I'm ok with the factory DSP stereo as is, but just looking for more high end (tweeters is all I probably need to replace honestly but I may as well go full meal deal)

Mike - you're overthinking again and its ok because it worried me at first too - each speaker gets a separate channel input from the amplifier so this is not an issue as they aren't wired parallel, on a home stereo setup this could be an issue depending on how you are wired - but its not an issue on our cars (as you know on non DSP cars there are 2ohm woofers x4, and 8ohm mids x4 and 8ohm tweeters x2)

The Founteks, JL's, Vifa/Peerless, Memphis all will be fine in their own right trust me - even just having (currently) the Memphis in the dash and the rest of the drivers are still factory 4ohm there is no issues with sound quality or something being quieter etc -

The only issue SemcoMike had was opposite impedence going from a 3ohm HK driver to the 8ohm Fountek on his E46 - Since we aren't going in the opposite direction there is no problems on our E53 to worry about -

We are only really debating midranges anyway but want you to stop worrying and just enjoy the better quality drivers -
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