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Ok, a little update. I checked and it is a variable displacement compressor, but it has a clutch. It's an internally regulated, aka by pressure and not by electronics. I also checked and contrary to what I believed, the clutch was not spinning when the ac was off, but it does engage and spin up each time with the ac on. It looked like it, but I put my hand down there and it does engage/disengage.
Still no cold AC though.
My aux fan does come on if I disconnect the pressure, but doesn't always come on when I have the ac on, only if it's working. Could this possibly be a bad pressure sensor for the fan?
I also read that some people have experienced if you rev the engine over 4k it kicks on and starts working. I'm in the car in my driveway as I'm typing this. Right now I reved the engine over 4k and almost instantly it went icy cold and the aux fan kicked on.
So what is going on?
2006 X5 3.0i
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