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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
It is disrespectful to hijack a thread. It is common courtesy to stay on topic. You have been around long enough to know this. If you would like to discuss e39 application the proper thing to do would be to private message him.
I'm sure the OP appreciates your guidance. But since you called him a 'bozo,' maybe he would be less inclined to consider your input. Perhaps he should never have brought up his E39 the first time. In his own thread. Tough thing to do: Hijack one's own thread.
Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
Yes, started 6 months ago. That's called hijacking a thread, bozo no no. FYI-there is an E39 forum or you can start an E39 thread and see what happens.
Give it a rest. Threads move around on topics. The E39 has been a discussion point for these brought up by the OP. In the very 1st post:
Originally Posted by Plattus1000 View Post
The E39 is an aging model, everyone else has moved on. Well, I donít really care about everyone else. If youíre reading this, and youíre like me, we are not ready to move on and let go. In fact, we find every excuse to dump more money into the beast. I plan to keep my E39 M5 for as long as I can. We will all be probably driving electric vehicles in 10 years, but the legacy of the gasoline engined e39s will forever be a permanent part of my life.***
He even brought up FI in the E39 first. He talked even MORE about his E39 again, in *more* 1st hand detail over a year ago:
Originally Posted by Plattus1000 View Post
I am running a 4.6 in my wagon and plan on installing these with before and after dynos. All questions should be answered there.
If I went VF supercharger, for $5-6k I get a kit and for another few grand in testing/tuning/parts I finally get it up and running, I'd worry about things breaking. With headers, these headers, after the install and tune, I'm not only not worried about things breaking, I am not wondering of I could have passed up on better headers.
People who've gone evolve or SuperSprint sometines question if they should have gone with another setup. I won't be doing that.

Now if the gains are above 40hp, I'm totally happy and if I can hit that mark in torque, also thrilled.

It will make the power loss from running a supercharger (50hp to run the damn thing) seem not so noticed. But, even if I decide to keep things naturally aspirated, what fun it'll be.

Wait till they get installed and I get some real numbers off the dyno and then we'll know. I have high hopes.
-side note-
My goal in the entire engine swap on my wagon was to beat M5's.
My goodness, even YOU replied ab the badges for his (GASP!) E39.
Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
I would use the stock designation. Sleepers are tons of fun.
Where was your disdain for topics not E53 then? Sounds like your problem runs deeper than thread content. Maybe you can look into that and discover what about this problem keeps you so distant from landing a solid point. So far, all you've offered is a mess that contradicts the content within this thread from the very start and your very own contribution a few months ago.

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